Tuesday, December 31, 2013


"On Wednesdays we wear pink." Remember this quote? It's from Mean Girls, which will be 10 years ago since it came out. Can you believe it will be 10 years. I don't know. The Internet doesn't either, because Mean Girls is still heavily quoted online. You might wonder if trying to make a point, which in case I can say yes. I do have a point.


'Cause I saw this really cute pink blouse at Takko Fashion. And the color pink still reminds me of Mean Girls. It probably will until I'm old and gray in a nursing home. Anyway, this blouse used to be 12,99 euros (bargain!) but was priced off for 7,99 euros. My last purchase of 2013!

H & M spring collection 2014 online

I showed pictures of the spring collection 2014 from H & M. The spring collection is now online on the website, but most of the items are different than in this post. I wanted to make a collage of the items at first, so you don't have to scroll. But that failed miserably, because I like too many items. Thus, another post with a lot of scrolling. I'm not that fond of all the clothes, but I love a lot of it. I guess have to save a lot of money so I can buy a lot. Luckily I got a H & M gift card from my parents with Christmas. Can't wait to use it!


I remember the last Timberlands were all the rage. The 90's. Gosh, that was 20 years ago. Does anyone have the feeling the 90's shouldn't be 20 years ago? I remember watching clips of the Backstreet Boys, listening to the top 40, trading flippo's and running around in denim dresses. But that's the way it goes, everything changes and a whole lot of fashion comes back again (and again).

I wasn't that big of a fan of the Timberlands boots in the 90's. Just like I wasn't that sure of them in this decade at first. But they certainly grew on me. Though I think almost 200 euros is very expensive for boots. So I was looking at good knock-offs and suddenly I saw these at Van Haren. They were also on sale, for only 24,90 euros and I didn't have to pay forwarding charges. I wanted to order them yesterday, but they were suddenly sold out. I'm very excited about these shoes and I already have a few outfits in my head which I think will look great with these boots.

These are the real ones. The material might be better and the shoes might be warmer, but I prefer the boots of Van Haren because of the price. They look so much alike! I also pretty sure this will be my last order of this year haha! Wondering what 2014 will bring me!